The Doors FAQ Review

Google The Doors and you will find any number of Rock ‘n’ Roll websites with rock fans wanting to know more about The Doors or have their questions about the band or Jim Morrison answered. Everything from what books did Jim Morrison read to what really happened in Miami, or what are The Doors doing today? Rich Weidman’s, “The Doors FAQ”, steps into that niche and answers those questions for the casual rock fan all the way to The Doors aficionado.
As soon as you open “The Doors FAQ” you realize it’s a unique book, the most obvious is that it’s formatted like a FAQ (frequently asked questions) found on most websites in that it doesn’t approach The Doors chronologically but is divided up like a FAQ by subject, with short informative answers. You’ll easily find the answers to who The Doors members were, Jim Morrison’s literary influences, the musical influences of The Doors, how The Doors got their name, Doors singles that reached number 1, Doors songs used in movies, in short, any question a fan could have about The Doors is explored in “The Doors FAQ.”

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