John Densmore occupies L.A.

Occupy Wall Street is in it’s first month, and in the past few weeks more and more of America has become occupied, city after city is met with protestors. But few of the Occupy rallies have had a rock legend such as John Densmore support them.
Densmore who has been involved in charitable and protest movements having been arrested with Bonnie Raitt in Chicago, and lending his name to any number of charities from saving horses to appearing and playing for alternative schools. Densmore appeared at for a short time at the Occupy L.A. rally appearing very urban post-tribal in a top-knot and carrying a hand drum. He read from the New York Times, which told the occupiers they were “unsophisticated,” Densmore countered with, the hippies ended the Vietnam War, and threw a monkey wrench into the “industrial/military complex” and recited a poem by Etheridge Knight.

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