Jim Morrison’s bust

Sean Joyce was twelve years old when The Doors, “Light My Fire”, came out and even at that age he immediately recognized The Doors were on the cusp of what was going on, and he saw Jim Morrison as a superhero, or at the least a “heroic looking dude.”
Joyce who has had an artistic bent all of his life,  remembers doing sculptures when he was three! He worked at Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas’ special effects company) and worked as a matte painter and storyboard artist but didn’t feel the artistic accomplishment in realizing someone else’s vision, so for the last twenty years he’s been a struggling artist creating paintings and sculpture’s of his own vision, including those of Jim Morrison.
Joyce started sculpting busts of artists he found “heroic and transformative” in his life including Henry Miller, Beethoven, Einstein, Rodin (see slideshow). Ten years ago Joyce started working on a bust of Jim Morrison and emailed (then) Doors manager Danny Sugerman who loved the idea of the bust, and asked if Joyce could finish it for the forthcoming 30th anniversary of Morrison’s death, but it was only a couple of weeks before the anniversary and the bust couldn’t be finished on time.

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