Dawn’s Highway, a documentary

Doors fans either young or old, newer or older fans, whether you became a fan through “No One Here Get’s Out Alive”, “Break on Through”, Oliver Stone’s movie, “The Doors” or if you’re a fan from The Doors heyday, the 60’s, all know the “Dawn’s Highway” story.

A four or five year old Jim Morrison is riding in the back seat of his parents car with his sister and grandparents through the New Mexico desert on their way to Jim’s father’s next naval assignment. In the desert the family comes upon an over turned truck of Indian workers, some of whom are laying on the pavement, bleeding, dead or dying. Jim’s father gets out to see if there’s anything he can do to help, but there isn’t, the Morrison’s start to drive off and at that moment Jim Morrison has the sensation that the souls of one or two of those Indians leaped into his, and he starts to get upset and inconsolable until his mother tells him, “it was just a dream Jimmy, it was just a dream” (forever cementing the incident in young Jim’s mind).Years later Jim would use the incident in his poems, The Doors song, “Peace Frog.” During the filming of “HWY” with friends Frank Lisciandro and Paul Ferrara, Jim spurred on by witnessing the death of a coyote pup would relate the incident to them in greater detail, in an excerpt called The Indian and the Coyote, towards the end he added, “it’s not a ghost story, man, its something that really means something to me….it‘s a very tender and personal point”.

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